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Drone Photography Inspections

Drone Photography Inspections Drone Photography Inspections Australia has always been prone to wild weather and, with the effects of climate change becoming more evident the regularity of these phenomena will only increase. Sydney certainly has its fair share of extreme meteorological conditions and this was illustrated recently with a series of wild storms that caused significant damage throughout the city. The extent of the damage done to houses, infrastructure and commercial properties...

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Aerial Photography

Stunning Aerial Photography Worldwide

A new drone photography portfolio released by New Zealand based Amos Chapple serves to illustrate the beautiful angles and vistas that can only be obtained from above. Chapple traveled the globe, visiting some of the world’s most iconic landmarks to record them from a vantage point that few have ever experienced. Like Chapple, Vision Air have also recognised the power of drone photography in Sydney, for both its aesthetic and practical value. From Mumbai to Moscow, Chapple touched down in...

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Corporate videos should illustrate a story

Put Your Best Face Forward

In the digital world we live in, your photograph will likely represent the first time a client or potential client sees you. We all strive to make the best impression when we meet business associates in person and the same should be true of your portrait. Your contacts will inevitably seek you out online before meeting you and your image will potentially be posted dozens or even hundreds of times, across various web pages and sites. You are, in effect, introducing yourself to the world, so...

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Moving outdoors adds a creative element to a business portrait
Aerial Photography

Shooting the City

Shooting the city with drone The famous saying, 'you can't see the forest for the trees' refers to the fact that we often don't get a holistic view of the world we inhabit because it has somehow been impaired or obscured. There could easily be an urban equivalent to this saying; 'you can't see the city for the buildings'. At ground level, our view of a city is extremely restricted. The buildings and structures immediately before us dominate our perspective and hide all that lies behind....

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Drone Photography and Video Production in Sydney
Aerial Photography

Aerial Inspection Revolutionised

Aerial Inspection Revolutionised The number of applications for aerial drone photography is probably surprising even to the pioneers of the technology. Light weight, highly maneuverable and fitted with the best equipment available, a drone camera in Sydney can achieve never before seen levels of photographic precision and intimacy. Visionair professional drone photos in Sydney bring these qualities to every job. With state of the art technology, skilled pilots and talented drone...

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Photography Aerial and Video
Aerial Photography

Hollywood Drones

Hollywood Drone Hollywood Drone Given that drone photography has revolutionised the way in which we take images and view the world, it will come as no surprise that the technology has been embraced by the directors of blockbuster movies. Drones facilitate experimental film techniques and open up possibilities that were once thought impossible. We don't shoot Hollywood films, but at VisionAir we have long recognised the same benefits of aerial photography in NSW as our American counterparts....

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Aerial Photography a Video
Aerial Photography

Drones Underground

Drones Underground Drones Underground If anyone was in any doubt as to what the drone photography industry has to offer, a recent visual adventure in Vietnam should dispel these once and for all. A team led by drone photographer, Ryan Deboodt, captured some stunning images and footage from the world’s largest known cave. NSW may not be known for its cave systems, but the state is certainly home to some stunning scenery and vistas that only drone aerial photography can truly do justice to....

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