Why you need professional photos to sell on Amazon.

Selling your products on Amazon gives you the advantage of being seen on a large scale in a trusted marketplace. However, it is an incredibly competitive platform. It can be challenging to have your products stand out. Did you know there is a way to help your listings stand out? Are you aware of any Amazon product photography trends?

The most critical aspect to showcase your products is to develop a trend that is fit for the platform. Understanding the style of photography will optimise how your products present, in turn this will increase consumer confidence in your brand and your products. The result could be an improvement in sales.

There are some key trends to how to best represent your products on Amazon, and it is no mistake that companies that invest in these image trends have outstanding listings. These product listings reflect in their overall brand look and obviously in their success in the marketplace. Such a service could involve a single photographer or a team of highly skilled individuals.

Some of the individual or combinations of product photography trends for Amazon include:

True representations of your products

This idea sounds like a no-brainer, however, if you get the photos wrong your sales will suffer. Consumers want clear and accurate photographs. Not images that don’t represent the explicit use or function of your product. What people want to see are photos they can enlarge so they can examine the finer details. Consumers also want multiple views from various angles. Multiple photos gain a greater understanding for your customer.

Create striking images that showcase your brand and reflect a trend your audience will be attracted to.

Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography allows for your products to live in an environment. They show off how they exist in the real world and connect with the audience. Typically the setting is outdoor with either a model or hand model using the product. The intent is to immerse your consumers into that world. You want them to get a taste for how they might interact with your product. It is an incredibly effective way to showcase your product portfolio.

Visionair can work with you to develop your lifestyle shoot. Our team will plan the shoot, research a location and direct models to obtain the result. You can also use the images taken during these shoots in other marketing areas including traditional print and social media advertising.

Think about including lifestyle images in your Amazon listings.

The important thing with a lifestyle shoots is ensuring the images represent the product as it was initially intended to be used. This approach creates a narrative for the consumer and provides an opportunity to buy the product.

Infographics included in an image.

You can highlight key areas of your product by using professionally designed infographics. When combined with a stand out photo, infographics prevent potential customers from having to read text-heavy descriptions or multiple bullet points. Instead, infographics placed next to your picture can educate consumers quickly to describe critical aspects of your product. This can be especially beneficial to point out the technical properties of your product. Typically around 6 to 8 infographics, using symbols and descriptive text can offer the best results on a single featured photo.

As mentioned, infographics don’t have to be just text points. You could use stylised graphic visuals, which are designed to complement your product, photographs and your overall brand identity. As consumers scroll through the images, they will tend to stop at a photo containing the text and symbols. High engagement and more clicks result in more sales, so it makes sense to include infographics with popular selling products.

To understand how Visionair can showcase your product portfolio and create your own Amazon product photography trends specific for your business, we encourage you to contact one of our specialist e-commerce team today by calling 1300 55 70 90 or emailing us at info@visionair.com.au.

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