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Drone Aerial Photography – Unmanned aerial drones provide a bird’s eye view.

Aerial photography has always been an expensive process that produced amazing results, but nonetheless costly. What if there was a way to achieve spectacular aerial photography in a much more cost effective manner? Think about it, if aerial photography was much more affordable then we could use it in a multitude of differing manners without the worry of exceeding our budgets. Drone Aerial Photography is this realization….

Drop the expenses

How do we drop the cost of a pilot, the aircraft, fuel, landing fees, the photographer and all the other liabilities that come hand in hand with aerial photography? Well it is simple; with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles such as the drone, life is getting much simpler. Aerial Drones drop these expenses from the bill; it erases the need for expensive expertise when all we really want is the expertise of the photographer. Photography companies such as Visionair in Sydney are pushing the forefront of aerial photography and making it a much more appealing choice. The drone is operated by the photographer; it uses batteries and produces real time visualization of the images. This is something you just can’t get from the much more expensive options like helicopters.

Versatility at a fraction of the cost

The versatility of unmanned aerial drones, allows never before seen customization of services to the consumer. The consumer can now liaise direct with the photographer for information such as shot angles, photo alterations and differing view points that capture only the best quality imagery. Never before has there been so much versatility at a vastly cheaper price range. If more shots are required the drone is simply sent back up, if weather conditions are too windy the drone can still fly, if a pilot becomes sick it doesn’t affect the shoot. Life is simply much easier in the world of aerial photography. Unmanned aerial drones provide a bird’s eye view of the subject matter with the ability to fly at low altitude, without having the annoying down draft sent from the rotors of a chopper. Shots can be much crisper without the need for excessive zoom and real time imagery is sent straight to the ground so adjustments can be made. All of this at a low budget cost.

Unsurpassed application

It now becomes much, much cheaper to utilise drone aerial photography for a vast array of means due to its massive reduction in costing. The boundaries are seemingly limitless with the affordability unsurpassed. Aerial photography has now entered a new era and the drone is responsible for this. Previously it took a lot of coordination to get a chopper in the air to capture those amazing shots, and it previously was a big budget enterprise. Those days are gone (thankfully) and the future will show us that drone aerial photography can provide a unique and innovative solution at a cost effective and reasonable price.


Award winning photographer. Born in Frankfurt, Germany and moved to Australia in the early 1980's as a kid. A passion for photography and a drive for business led him to combining the two and creating a product to service the marketing / media industry to create benefits for organisations worldwide.

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