Aerial Inspection Revolutionised

The number of applications for aerial drone photography is probably surprising even to the pioneers of the technology. Light weight, highly maneuverable and fitted with the best equipment available, a drone camera in Sydney can achieve never before seen levels of photographic precision and intimacy.

Visionair professional drone photos in Sydney bring these qualities to every job. With state of the art technology, skilled pilots and talented drone photographers, we are able to get close, detailed aerial photos in Sydney for those who need to inspect or view inconvenient locations.

The utilities sector has to work with many such inconvenient locations and experiences significant benefit from aerial drone photography. Electricity providers, with thousands of kilometres of power lines and supporting structures, are particularly enthusiastic about the technology, as it saves a huge amount of man-hours and money, while reducing the risk to life.

Electricity providers are now able to use an aerial photography drone to fly the length of their lines and record any damage. Inspection for damage is particularly useful following natural disasters or extreme weather, and NSW is no stranger to meteorological outbursts.

Once the domain of helicopters and manual inspections, drone photography in NSW can greatly minimise human contact with live wires. What is difficult and risky for humans and helicopters is relatively easy and cost effective with an aerial photography drone.

This one example hints at the myriad of practical uses of aerial drone photography. It is useful for any business or organisation that requires an overhead view for whatever reason. This includes industries such as construction, urban planning, forestry and land management. In the future, as renewable energy becomes increasingly prevalent, aerial drones will have even greater application. Faulty wind turbines or solar panels could easily be inspected using drone photography in NSW.

VisionAir offer our services to these industries and the many more that undertake similar inspections. Our skilled pilots can get our Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) close enough to infrastructure to allow our professional photographers to take detailed images. The resulting drone photos in Sydney and NSW enable those viewing them to evaluate and plan as appropriate. Companies can save time and money through the prevention of faults, damage, accidents and service interruptions.

If you and your business could benefit in anyway from aerial drone photography in NSW, VisionAir have all the requisite skills and equipment to get you the images you need. The future is here, so you may as well start using it!

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