Those of you who own a business in Sydney already know how powerful the economy is here, including being responsible¬†for over half of Australia’s economic growth. While it’s a crowded business universe in Sydney, it’s all the more important for you to differentiate yourself from the intense competition.

No doubt you have dozens of competitors in the field you’re in. Whether you’re running a property development business or a retail store pushing a new product, you’re going to need to stand out.

A surprising way to do this is to market yourself in advertising photography. If you’re new to lifestyle photography, it’s the art of capturing the everyday, something that can successfully¬†humanise¬†your company.

How Many Property Developers Are in Sydney?

Many top property developers exist in Sydney with countless foreigners often buying up land here. With hundreds of property developers competing with your own company, what can you do to help yourself differentiate?

Hiring an experienced lifestyle photography agency is a good investment as part of your marketing strategy. Working closely with these photographers, you’ll be able to send them out to the properties you’re developing and highlight certain characteristics.

Keep in mind since lifestyle photography means keeping things real, they’ll help find a story behind the property you’re developing. It means they’ll likely take photos of your development team working at the site.

Capturing people at work is one of the best methods for lifestyle photos. Doing so helps bring an artistic view to situations and tells a progressing story. Letting your land development team work without posing lets the photographer capture unexpected moments that may surprise you.

Working With Architects

You’ll find just as many architects in Sydney. Statistics show up to¬†60% of all registered architects in Australia live in Sydney¬†or Melbourne, so you already know the competition you’re up against.

Using lifestyle photography in your architecture business can become just as successful as it usually is for property developers. It can start with a story about the creative process in designing your homes.

Rather than deal with stiff corporate headshots, showing you designing your homes in your studio can move new clients to hire you.

The same goes with a photo collection on your website showing the construction of your homes or business projects. Posting these as a series on your website (or even on Instagram) gives a complete narrative to how your architectural firm operates.

It’s rare to find similar firms taking first-time visitors through the entire creative/building process in photographs.

Promoting a New Product

Thanks to¬†41% of Australia’s Top 500 companies being based in Sydney, you can see why the city is such a strong economic engine for the entire country.

For product manufacturing, you’re maybe feeling the squeeze of this competition, requiring a new marketing effort. Again, lifestyle photography can help immensely with product manufacturers, especially when introducing a new product.

The difference between creating static images of a product and showing it in a lifestyle context is quite huge. To show how your new product can become used by your targeted demographic, you’ll want some photos or videos of it in use by beta testers.

However, telling a story in photos about how you created it, how it was made, and how you’re selling it opens another transparent door to curious visitors.

Lifestyle Photography for the Retail Industry

Any of you running a retail store in Sydney know what level of competition there is. A series of lifestyle photos depicting new products you’re selling can become just as effective as for product developers.

Going behind-the-scenes, though, is always a great choice for still photography. Rather than deal with everyone getting a boring corporate headshot, present a series of photos showing them doing their work in each department.

Providing a human face to your employees humanises your retail store so that customers can put a face to those who make you successful every day.

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