Lifestyle photography composes of many elements that help raise the profile of a marketing campaign. The advertising spend on a lifestyle campaign is a way of encouraging customers to visualise how they might use your product. It’s a way of generating interest and buzz that builds brand recognition and trust.

So, how do you get your customers to dream about using your products?
To understand a lifestyle image and campaign, first, we must break down the photo. Look into the individual elements and figure out what make it unique.

Lifestyle images consist of a theme.

When looking at a lifestyle image, a lot of work has gone into producing the photo. Behind the picture will generally be a stylist, model, makeup artist, photographer and a brand or marketing manager steering the campaign. Each has their role to play. The brand manager works with the marketing manager to create a theme. This them sticks to the companies brand guidelines and style.

If you are looking to create lifestyle images then establishing a theme for your product or brand is critical. From here everything else will flow.

Lifestyle images evoke emotion.

Creating emotion within a lifestyle image is key to reaching your audience. Passion can reveal itself within an image in many forms. You might like to show emotion by capturing how a model reacts to using your product or the feeling of having something new. Warm lighting can also add an element to a scene to reflect closeness. Whatever the idea we encourage you to think about how you might use emotion in your lifestyle images. Ultimately this is the best way for your audience to remember an image or campaign.

Lifestyle images encourage sharing.

Your goal as a brand is to spread your product message as far and wide as possible. So, if you create an incredible photo that manages to capture the hearts and imagine of your audience, then there is good news. Your audience is more likely to share it with their friends and family. Combining your lifestyle photography with a strong brand message is also another sure way to get the attention of your audience.

When you decide on lifestyle photography for your product, understand that some images will fail and won’t get the attention they deserve. This is why you should take multiple photos and create a campaign. The hope is some photos in your campaign can stand out and provide a way for your customers to visualise how they might use your device or product.

Lifestyle images create a sense of belonging.

Did you see that photo? It’s a phrase you may have heard before, especially surrounding social media. Images provide a way for people to share pictures without feeling like they are recommending a brand. The imagery can sometimes form a cult following for many (Apple is a great example) and a sense of belonging to something. For brands that reach this level of success, there is the philosophy of safety in numbers. If more people are talking about your product or sharing your lifestyle images, more people will want to have one.

How do you go about creating this buzz?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is a consistency of message. Staying on point with your marketing by using similar look and feel will generate a core fan base. It’s from this fanbase that loyalty and hype can spread. Many brands do this well as they have multiple products they can create campaigns for. Each campaign generates new interest and provides a window for their customers to dream about how they might use the new product.

So, if we could leave you with one thing, it would be to think about what makes a lifestyle image compelling. Work hard to build a formula of success for your business, and in no time you will create more interest in your brand.

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