Asking a customer, team member or any stakeholder to be a part of a corporate video interview is a precarious idea. Most people will be incredibly nervous about being in front of a camera. Engaging the services of a professional video production team will undoubtedly go a long way to putting people at ease. However, there is much that you and your team can do to prepare interviewees for corporate video interviews. Here are some tips for video interview participants.

Prepare Yourself for the Video Interview

Understand up-front what the development of the video interview involves. Know what your role is and the role of other participants. Ask for guidance on the mood and manner in which you will answer given questions. With scripted answers take the time to practise your answers. In turn, this will allow you to know your lines and also sound more natural. With unscripted answers, then take the time to write out explanations and talking points.

Ask Questions

No one is expecting you to be an expert at a corporate video interview. Be sure to know who the stakeholders are in the production and find out early who your main point of contact will be. Do not be afraid to ask them questions about the process or the interview itself. It is far better to ask upfront and well before the camera is turned on. 

Don't be afraid to ask questions

Body Language Plays an Important Part of a Video Interview

Body language is a core element of any communication. Given that video is such a visual medium, your body language will be more visible. Understand the basics of body language and how it reflects and alters your overall message. Understand open versus closed body language and how you naturally use hand gestures and facial expressions. 

Dress the Part

If you are taking part in a corporate video interview, then chances are the business may have hired the services of a professional team. That team may or may not include a hair and makeup professional and a stylist. Regardless, go with the direction provided to you on the style and mood of clothing they require. Be prepared for costume changes by bringing a range of outfits just in case. 

Dress well for a video interview

Look the Part

The same applies to how you style your hair and makeup. You want your overall look to match your clothing, while not being too extravagant. At the same time, you want to feel comfortable and natural. Your presentation must also be suitable for the style of video.

Do It Again If You Have To

Regardless of the preparation you make, you will find yourself having to cover questions again. You may feel that you didn’t answer it correctly. Other times this may be at the request of the videographer or director. The need to re-shoot questions, answers or introductions is entirely normal.

Take Your Time in a Video Interview

If you are undertaking a scripted video interview, or one that relies on you to answer naturally and honestly, be sure to take your time. Once asked the question, take a moment to consider it before answering. Respond in a calm and steady voice without feeling the need to rush and get it done. 

Be Brave and Have Fun

Above all else, you have nothing to lose by being bold and giving the video interview your best shot. There will be a team on hand to guide and support you. Be brave and enjoy the opportunity. Laugh at the bloopers and smile at the success. Smile while you talk and put on your best-animated self, and you will be a star of your video interview.

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