Korn Mac Dougall Lawyers Re-Brand Photo shoot

Project Description

Korn Mac Dougall is a team of young lawyers with vast experience in criminal law. We received a call from them requesting images of all staff. After a visit to their offices in Sydney I established thatthey wanted to project the profesionalism and skill of the firm through images. As they were a young team they felt that they were disadvantaged by this. We worked hard with them to establish images that would project the profesionals that they actually are. Korn Mac Dougall are highly skilled at what they do and we were able to tell that in the portraits captured.

Project Details

Client Korn Mc Dougal Lawyers

Date 2017

Skills Commercial Portraiture

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Project Feature

The main image of Korn Mac Dougall showing skill and professionalism. A true reflection of the calibre of the team at Korn Mac Dougall Lawyers.