Choosing the right event photographer for your commercial event may sound simple enough, but choosing the wrong photographer could be disastrous. Events need to be covered in a particular way, with particular care, after all the money invested in the event needs to have maximum exposure. Unfortunately, there are as many bad photographers out there as there are dodgy mechanics, taking the care to choose the right one is highly important.

The self proclaimed event photographer

In the last five to ten years the photography industry has been tarnished by a new breed of self proclaimed photographer, the modern day self taught photographer. Don’t get me wrong there are a multitude of great self taught photographers out there, but the vast majority are just hacks. Since high quality, automated cameras became so affordable it seems every man and his dog is jumping on the band wagon to make some easy cash. They can launch a free website to advertise and get out there and take some untrained shots to make some cash. It all looks above board at first sight, but when you get the end result it certainly doesn’t compare. It is absolutely crucial to your branding to ensure that the photographer you engage has good credentials and a great portfolio, or use an established company with a good reputation like Visionair.

Pictures are branding, branding is everything

It is extremely important that as a business professional, every aspect of your business that appears in print or online directly relates to your branding. Branding is everything and it is important that every image, every piece of literature and every photograph reflects positively on that brand. This is why choosing the correct event photographer is highly important to your brand, you have invested a lot of money on the event and it can be great for business. However if you choose the wrong photographer you may not realise the return on your investment quite as well as you should. Professional quality photographs, for a professional quality event, are exactly what you should expect.

A photographer, a diplomat and a business person

Event photography is a niche field in the photography world and whilst most will claim to be able to provide exactly what you need, those with the true talent a few and far between. The photographer needs to be an amazing craftsman who is able to work with the lighting in the room and maximize his angles. He needs to be a diplomat with the ability to liaise with high profile guests with the tact of a diplomat, whilst at the same time allowing his subjects to relax in the eyes of his lens. He or she needs to be a business-person; someone who can dress with the professional nature atoned to his position and float seamlessly through the crowd. Event photographers need personality, humility, journalistic skills and need to be highly professional. So how do you choose the right one?

The best way to select the right person for the job is to go to an established business with a flawless reputation, an amazing portfolio and professional photographers. If you need to hire an individual, make sure you interview him or her and view their portfolio carefully…..

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