If you don’t know about the power of video production for branding purposes by now, it’s time you took it seriously as the most viable visual medium out there. The creative options on video are only as great as the production crew you work with to create a video project.

It’s always a good idea to look at different marketing categories where you can use video production for branding purposes. One area to look at is how you can present your company’s image as a form of branding.

Those of you still trying to nurture a brand image should take advantage of video to showcase your products, what you do behind the scenes, and who your employees are.

Telling Your Story

Every B2B business has some kind of story behind how it started. Reexamine your background and find something compelling you can tell about in a video.

With storytelling being a major component of marketing today (and growing in the B2B industry), you can convey your story easily in the video format. The key is to create an emotional connection between your products and your business customers.

Using an expert video team, they’ll work closely with you on how to go about creating a video product reflecting an emotion. This emotion doesn’t always mean bringing tears. It can also mean being amusing as long as you know your audience appreciates the approach.

Giving Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Transparency is another thing many customers want to see in B2B companies. Businesses now prefer brands that prove they care about creating a dialogue with clients. It proves you care about solving business problems rather than making clients another number.

Keep this customer philosophy in mind while brainstorming for marketing ideas. Video can help prove this by opening your doors and offering virtual behind-the-scenes tours.

Since you can’t always offer in-person tours, doing one on video is the next best thing. When you have an expert production crew able to capture this in high-definition and with superior production values, you can nurture trust.

Show exclusive tours of different departments in your business. It helps to show how you make or acquire your products so businesses know you’re not trying to hide anything.

Introducing Your Employees

Why not create mini video bios of all your star employees? Collectively, your employees may have a bundle of knowledge they can share to help businesses make smarter buying decisions.

Creating a series of short videos is a popular method in B2B marketing, including in large B2B companies. With these, you can do how-to tutorials, or just take time to introduce your employees.

Short video bios once again bring more transparency to your B2B business so your customers know who manages each department. Most to all your employees likely have their own personal stories about why they came to work for you. Let them open up and tell about their histories and department roles.

As a branding method, this is also ideal and allows your employees to become branding advocates. You can almost look at it as employee testimonials on how useful your products are.

Letting Customers Explain Your Products

Don’t forget about how useful customer testimonials are. Producing these as short videos helps a business make faster decisions on whether they’ll buy from you.

Storytelling comes into play here as well, allowing your clients to tell about how your products solved a major business problem. Placing these videos on your website’s welcome page attracts instant attention and gives a real-world view of how your products work for all situations.

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