Our children are our lives, the future of our nations and the living memory of ourselves. That is why we love to capture them in photographs for just about every occasion. After all, they do only grow up once and we need to capture every moment we possibly can. One of the most trying times to get a good photograph of a child is when he or she is in pre-school, that age of not wanting to sit still. So how do we prepare our child for a preschool photography session? Fun, Fun and more fun Kids love to play, they love to run around and enjoy themselves and can go all day as long as they are having fun. We love our children and they are always entertaining, but what happens when we try to get them to stay still for five minutes? That’s right; it’s like trying to ride a unicycle, difficult at best. It is crucial that we try and make ever task we need our children to do a fun and appealing task for the child, if we make it fun, then we have a better chance of success. Getting your child ready for preschool photography day is no different. Try and prepare them by turning it into a game, make them aware that they will be standing still for a period of time and make it a game. A smiling competition is often a good game to play and as long as they think they are winning….. The smiles will hold strong. If you have a good photographer he will try and engage the children and interact with them, this fact combined with your preparation will make the whole day run a lot smoother. Be Prepared  Children will be children and that being a fact; they will always find a way of getting dirty in the shortest possible time. Often it is amazing at how quickly they can achieve this and sometimes it can leave us sighing with disappointment, especially if we need them to look good. So why put all the emphasis on them? Why put the pressure of staying clean on their mind? Sure we can tell them to stay clean but will they be able to fulfill this requirement. Pack a spare set of clothes with them on photo day, put a brush in their bag, and be prepared for them to get dirty. We can instruct them to stay clean, but sometimes they just aren’t capable. Being prepared for this will make any issues that arise with their wardrobe a trivial concern that won’t ruin the photos. A big Breakfast and a good night sleep Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for a young child, this could not be more accurate. Make sure the little one has a good night sleep, is well rested and has a good healthy breakfast. If your child has plenty of energy they are going to portray a better image in the photographs, making for better memories in the future. Rest up, have a good breakfast and put a smile on their dial, after all being a kid is meant to be fun. Book Your Preschool Photography day with visionair photography. Contact us today for further information.  

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