Shooting the city with drone

The famous saying, ‘you can’t see the forest for the trees’ refers to the fact that we often don’t get a holistic view of the world we inhabit because it has somehow been impaired or obscured. There could easily be an urban equivalent to this saying; ‘you can’t see the city for the buildings’. At ground level, our view of a city is extremely restricted. The buildings and structures immediately before us dominate our perspective and hide all that lies behind.

Fortunately, with Vision Air, you can now get a much fuller picture from above using the most effective drone photography in Sydney. Utilising the latest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology, we can get you or your business unique footage of one of the world’s most iconic and picturesque cities. Drone photography in NSW is truly the best way of capturing stunning urban images for a brand, advertising campaign or other promotional material.

Sydney is a big, bustling city with well over 1000 high-rise buildings and, as of 2015, 29 over 150m tall. At ground level you simply can’t get around such huge structures to see a more complete picture of this remarkable city. From above, the view couldn’t be more different. Just as a bird experiences the world in a way we seldom or never are able to, drone photography in Sydney allows us to see what they see and record it for a wide range of uses on the ground.

Vision Air, with a vastly experienced team and state of the art equipment, ensures you get the images you want from drone photography in Sydney. We have skilful, experienced pilots who can get you as close as the Civil Aviation Safety Authority allows, provide professional and creative photographers to get you the very best shots and Canon equipment of the highest industry standard.

Whether you want an image of the bustling, built-up CBD juxtaposed against the beauty of the coastline and the Sydney harbour, a gritty urban scene taken form a bird’s eye view, or a close-up of a particular structure, Vision Air are the experts at drone aerial photography in NSW, with an uncanny ability to take images that exceed our client’s expectations.

The beauty of Vision Air drone photography in NSW is that it allows you to see the forest and the trees, the city and the buildings. We are passionate about getting each of our clients detailed or holistic views tailored to their wishes and the intended uses of the images. Vision Air will, quite literally, go above and beyond to get you the best drone photography in Sydney and elsewhere in NSW.

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