Professional Self Portrait – Ensuring your image is of the highest caliber in your field can often be an arduous task; the need to constantly self-promote can often be tiring to say the least. Building a high quality corporate image takes time and money. It also takes a heck of a lot of networking and attendance at corporate events. One of the many tools that can be utilised to enhance your image is a professional self portrait. Let me show you how…..

A professional self portrait presents a professional image

 Image is everything and reputation is highly important in the business world. Whether you are a model, real estate agent, lawyer or event coordinator, your image is your business. Every photograph of you as that promotes your work needs to be of the highest caliber, testimonials with photographs need to be professionally taken. A professional self portrait hanging in your office can depict a sense of class, a sense of seriousness and a sense of professionalism. If you walk into a professional’s office and see a professional image hanging on the wall of that office you automatically build a mental image of that person. This image is a positive, no-nonsense, professional image that builds trust and reliability. Professional photography is an investment in that image.

An image is an advertisement

When we think of images we think of two things, a physical portrayal of something and a non-tangible idea of something. Both are extremely important in promoting oneself and both should be treated with the utmost care. The physical image is a tangible portrayal of oneself, such as a photograph. This photograph helps build the mental image and public image of the person by portraying a particular personality. You might say “How can a photograph portray a personality?” and the answer is simple. Have you ever looked a photograph of someone and automatically built a stereotype of them in your mind? The answer for all of us is yes. So t is crucial that we ensure all photographs taken of us portray the image we wish the public to see.

Images are advertising and just like a billboard, they need to be of the highest quality. If you portray yourself utilizing substandard, amateur photographs then you portray and amateur substandard image to the public. This as we know will not be well received and may lead to a decrease in trust with the public. A decease in trust leads to a decrease in revenue and hence our careers can suffer. Images are advertising, plain and simple.

Means of using photography to promote your image

Photography can be used in many senses to promote your image and should be utilized for all pictures used in advertising. This includes but is not limited to; press releases, websites, staff pictures, corporate events, brochures and other print media, billboards or real estate signs, essentially anything that you place a picture of yourself on is an advertisement. This advertisement reflects on your image and can have a positive or negative effect. To maximize the improvement of your image you need to use a professional photography business such as Visionair to ensure that your photographs reflect the image you want for yourself.

Image is everything and in a modern business world it could mean the difference between landing that contract and losing it to a competitor. Do yourself a favor and invest in your image to see positive results in the future…..

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