Creating quality visuals for your next campaign is extremely important. Without a diverse repertoire of creative assets, your audience will rapidly disengage and become tiresome. To master the art of a polished visual, we recommend adhering to some fundamental industry tips. In doing so, your success will be an engaged audience who is willing almost to do or buy anything.

Understand Your Audience

To begin, you first have to define and understand your audience demographics. Establish your audiences age, gender and where they are likely to spend their time either online or in the real world. Once you have this crucial information, then decide whether a print ad, online video, television commercial or billboard would connect.

Use of Story

Now you have your crucial medium, creating the visual story that will engage your audience is critical. Draft some ideas and imagine a concept that’s appealing. Ensure the story whether static or moving speaks directly to your audience. As an example, for the car industry, your story might involve some teenagers living in moment during a road trip. The story this scene depicts should emote strong emotion of journey and freedom. The younger target audience would relate and become more connected and engaged with the campaign.

Great Lighting

Once you know your audience and have planned the story, understanding what visual elements you should combine is the next step. Lighting these key visual elements either in a studio environment or on location is always a must for creating striking visuals. It’s the extra 10% you put in here that makes the 110% difference to the overall production quality.

Frame Rates

If you decide on a video for your next campaign, think about frame rates. A frame rate is a rate in which the camera records. As a standard we see motion at 24 frames per second, however the longer the frame rate, the slower the movement. Utilising around 120 frames per second (fps) results in a slow motion that’s five times slower than real life. This slower frame rate can depict or highlight essential parts of your product. The viewer can often see the quality of the product and understand how it might work.

Depth of Field

Depth of field is terminology that translates to the amount of subject in focus within a scene. This technique of manipulating the lenses aperture can be highly effective in isolating a product against a background. Often in product shots or visual campaigns, you will see this technique used. The depth of field helps create quality visuals, so the viewer does not become distracted, it is also well utilised if you are adding copy or a tagline to an image.

Create a Memorable Tagline

You know what a memorable tagline is right? You have most likely heard of a few… one of the most iconic examples would be ‘Have a break, have a Kit Kat. Coming up with a memorable tagline like the one mentioned does take time. If you are short on time then employing the services of an experienced copywriter can speed things up and also help tie your text with a quality visual.

Be consistent

Creating quality visuals is about utilising one set of assets and sticking with them. For instance, the asset that your brand associates with might be a specific colour. Cadbury, for example, is a brand that does this well. No other chocolate company can use the colour purple in their messaging due to licensing. Cadbury associates their brand with the colour, and therefore each visual in their brand includes the colour purple. Another chocolate brand like Toblerone goes the other way and uses an image of mountain to convey its message. Whatever the cases, consistency in your branding message is always important in creating quality campaigns.

Use a Professional Agency or Experienced Crew

Employing the services of a professional crew is by far the best way to create quality visuals. Not only will you save your budget due to efficiency, but you will also gain exceptional insight into the concept, pre-production planning and post-production elements of the shoot. Learning this insight can certainly help create the best-looking campaign that you and your customers will connect with and more importantly be proud of.

To learn how Visionair can assist in your next campaign we encourage you to be in contact with our specialist team of directors, writers and production crew.

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