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Gaining a view from above can give us a unique perspective on the world – one that is both beautiful and practical. Making an aesthetically stunning and useful record of this perspective is a specialty of VisionAir and one that we can share with your business. For suburb quality, professionally shot aerial photos in Sydney, VisionAir is the regional expert. You can expect:

  • Qualified and experienced commercial photographers
  • Highly trained UAV pilots
  • State-of-the-art technology and camera equipment
  • Work completed within CASA regulations
  • Stunning, creative and detailed images

There are many reasons why you might want to capture the views from above. Because the world looks so different from the multitude of aerial angles that we are able to access with our highly maneuverable drones, we can supply our clients with unique photography for a variety of uses. Sydney is world renowned for its stunning coastline and iconic structures. Footage of such locations is essential for tourism campaigns and our aerial photos of Sydney can also complement a range of products or services you may offer. In addition to the high aesthetic value of our photography, it also serves practical uses. VisionAir’s aerial photos in Sydney provide details of places and structures that are otherwise inaccessible. With a large population and the associated infrastructure, Sydney’s buildings and utility structures, such as radio towers and pylons, need to be inspected for damage or during the planning for work ahead. Aerial photos allow you to obtain the necessary information quickly and safely, and VisionAir is the best in NSW at delivering the images you need.

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Sydney is Australia’s largest city and the state capital of NSW. Located along a beautiful stretch of coast, the city is world famous for sand and surf, including Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbour and Bronte Beach. The city is also home to iconic architecture and facilities such as the Sydney Opera House, Stadium Australia and the Sydney Cricket Ground.