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Video Marketing Tips during COVID-19

Video marketing during COVID-19 is a trending way to connect with your customers. Video Marketing refers to recording, editing, and posting videos on various platforms to achieve any business and marketing goals. It helps generate leads, increase subscribers, hike sales, and anything that makes a noteworthy change to the business. Video marketing during COVID-19 mainly sticks to one business goal as of now - Engage the audience.

Video Production

Video Production Mistakes to Avoid

When creating your next corporate video to promote your products or team, there are some critical elements to consider. It would be easy to drive into video production without a plan or idea of how to best achieve it. But the results would be almost unusable for achieving your original purpose. There are some common video production mistakes to avoid during this process. By engaging the services of a professional video production team, we guarantee you will not make these mistakes. Edit...

Photography General

How To Use Business Photography To Achieve Marketing Goals

No matter how big or small your business is, you will surely need to market it to bring in customers. Marketing has been around for centuries now. What initially started with ad flyers, has now gone worldwide using the digital world. For nearly 30 years, the digital advertising industry has seen tremendous growth. While it was initially just around 500 new ads per fortnight, it has now reached a whopping 500 new ads per day. Every day, many new users have started to market their products to...

Having a high quality image in your marketing campaign can make all the difference in engagement
Video Production

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Video Production

Worldwide, the whole idea about corporations wanting to make videos about their business isn’t new. What initially started as part of their marketing plan has now become the central part of every marketing campaign. Australia is no different. When it comes to corporate video production Sydney has some of the leading marketing video companies. Creating high-quality videos using a business which specialises in video production services has never been easier. There are many marketing video...

Video Production

Melbourne’s Top Ten Locations to Film your Next Corporate Video Production

Australia is full of iconic locations and venues. Melbourne is one of these locations where tourists and locals alike adorn its laneways, cafes, trams, shows and sporting venues. So if you are an Australian brand, have you may like to consider aligning yourself with a city that has been voted as the most liveable in the world several times over? In this article, we will showcase some of the standout and hidden scenes you should explore when thinking about filming your next brand story or...

Melbourne abounds in locations to film your next TVC or brand story.
Video Production

How to Get Management to Approve your Video Marketing Project

One of the toughest tasks of any marketing team is to convince others of the value of video marketing. Getting management to approve your video marketing project is going to take some work. It can be challenging to pre-determine the value, but you must look for quantifiable actions and outcomes. But once you have, you can use current market examples and reliable data to paint a picture of opportunity with data to back up your claims.  Don’t Be Left Behind Start Your Video Marketing...

In this article we share some tips to get your video project over the line
Video Production

Top 5 B2B Video Marketing Strategies

If your business is looking to refresh its current business to business marketing strategy, then there are some current trends critical to success. Of course, a professional video production team would be beneficial in meeting these goals. However, before you have that conversation, it is essential to understand the opportunities and potential outcomes. Being able to engage the use of video to gain better business to business outcomes is the most successful approach.   ...

Creating B2B marketing strategies
Video Production

17 Fresh Corporate Video Production Ideas

Are you wondering what type of video you should create for your company or brand next? Here at Visionair Media, we have created an array of content for many businesses. These are just some of the types of production ideas we have filmed for clients. Hopefully, this article will give you some inspiration for your next video. 1) Opinion Video An opinion video will help create a conversation around a subject or product launch. This style of video is ideal for social channels as it generally...

Use an influencer to showcase your product
Virtual Reality

Using Virtual Reality to Create Unique Marketing Experiences for Customers (Part 1)

Creating Virtual Reality Tours for Real Estate Those of you who work in real estate probably find it continually frustrating that you can't show prospective clients exactly what it's like to live in a home. When taking prospects on a tour of a house, it's impossible to envision what it's like to actually live in the dwelling with full furnishings. Many potential buyers might balk as a result of not being able to imagine themselves living there. With virtual reality, they can finally get an...



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