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Everything you need to know about Video Production Costs

On the face of it, video production can sound like a costly endeavour however, costs can vary from production to production. Depending on the quality and style of production, you can easily spend roughly 5k on a production to 100k plus. Whether you’re looking to produce a blockbuster editorial piece to a video for social media, there are various financial factors that you should consider. Producing a video can really drive a profitable return for your next marketing campaign. This article...

Video Production Costs
Marketing, Video Production

10 Tips to Maximise your Corporate Video Production Budget

Maximise your corporate video production budget with some of our secret tips and tricks. Thanks to the digital revolution, video has changed the way consumers interact with brands, products, and services. An impactful video can increase engagement, boost sales, and promote overall presence.  Video marketing is such an important tool that all businesses should be developing video content. As such, we have developed a list of some of our in-house secret tips and tricks to help you maximise...

Corporate Video Production
Marketing, Video Production

How to Produce an Influential Video Testimonial

Influence consumers and clients through video testimonial marketing. A recommendation is a powerful method your organisation can employ to build trust and reputation. In this article, we explore how producing video testimonials can drive conversion and enhance brand trust objectives. We break down why video testimonials work, where to place your next video testimonial and how to produce a video that influences others. What is a Video Testimonial? Simply put, a video testimonial is a video...

Online Review
Marketing, Product Photography

How to Build an Online Consumer Brand with Product Photography

The product market in Australia can be incredibly competitive. No longer can you set and forget with product photography. Consumers crave online experiences – they require a sense of validation to reaffirm their commitment to an online purchase. Whether this is a conscious or sub-conscious decision, marketers need to lead their customers on a journey – they need to reinforce an experience through visualisation and branding. Through the power of product photography, marketers can harness the...

Product Photography
Marketing, Video Production

Storyboard Marketing: How to Amplify Marketing Communications with Effective Storytelling

Are you shooting your next video marketing campaign anytime soon? Maximise your impact by creating a bespoke yet effective storyboard for your project. Storyboarding is an essential requirement of the storytelling process. Storytelling is a definite way a marketer can anchor in consumers with brand communications. Stories that resonate with your target market can be extremely powerful. Amplify your next video marketing communications by crafting a quality storyboard. What is a Storyboard...

Female Editing a Marketing Video
Marketing, Video Production

The Sydney Guide to Video Marketing

Video marketing is an international phenomenon that should be an important part to your online business strategy, no matter where you are, whether it’s Melbourne, New York, or Sydney. Marketers can take a strategic approach to developing a video marketing strategy by homing in on a target city. Understanding the characteristics of a city can assist in the process of building a connection with your consumer target. Sydney is a major capital city in Australia and we explore key insights in...

Sydney Video Location
Marketing, Video Production

The Social Media Video Content Strategy Blueprint

The global digital population is growing day-by-day and users are actively engaged by video content across social media channels. According to Statista, 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of April 2020. As these users surf the internet, they are actively consuming content including video. Video is one of the most powerful content mediums and organisations should have a comprehensive social media content strategy. The Importance of Video in Social Media Social saturation is a...

Woman Operating Video Recorder
Video Production

Small Business: The Effective Guide to Video Production

Small to medium businesses are arguably the backbone of the Australian economy and as we become reliant more on digital systems, SME’s should look toward video to better connect with consumers. Commercial environments are becoming increasingly competitive however, video can be a cost-effective solution to marketing in a busy market. Organisations can tap into the power of video production as a way of engaging with customers and clients, driving a return on investment and brand awareness. ...

Small business owner working in a team
TV Advertising, Video Production

What you need to make a killer TVC (TV Commercial)

While many Australians flock to the internet for entertainment purposes, there are still millions of viewers watching free-to-air TV. And who can blame them? Stations are still pumping out great binge worthy TV, from the Bachelor, Big Brother, MasterChef to 60 Minutes and more! Aussies are still tunning in, and television commercials are still more powerful than ever. This is why, it is so important to create a killer TV commercial for the next TV campaign. Advertising by way of a...

Happy family watching TV on sofa at night
Marketing, Video Production

Video Marketing Tips during COVID-19

Video marketing during COVID-19 is a trending way to connect with your customers. Video Marketing refers to recording, editing, and posting videos on various platforms to achieve any business and marketing goals. It helps generate leads, increase subscribers, hike sales, and anything that makes a noteworthy change to the business. Video marketing during COVID-19 mainly sticks to one business goal as of now - Engage the audience.




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