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Video Production

17 Fresh Corporate Video Production Ideas

Are you wondering what type of video you should create for your company or brand next? Here at Visionair Media, we have created an array of content for many businesses. These are just some of the types of production ideas we have filmed for clients. Hopefully, this article will give you some inspiration for your next video. 1) Opinion Video An opinion video will help create a conversation around a subject or product launch. This style of video is ideal for social channels as it generally...

Use an influencer to showcase your product
Virtual Reality

Using Virtual Reality to Create Unique Marketing Experiences for Customers (Part 1)

Creating Virtual Reality Tours for Real Estate Those of you who work in real estate probably find it continually frustrating that you can't show prospective clients exactly what it's like to live in a home. When taking prospects on a tour of a house, it's impossible to envision what it's like to actually live in the dwelling with full furnishings. Many potential buyers might balk as a result of not being able to imagine themselves living there. With virtual reality, they can finally get an...

Video Production

What is Video Stock Footage and Why You Shouldn’t Use It?

Telling the story about your business should be authentic. There are many businesses out there who don't take this view, and the results can be devastating for the viewer. For example, there's nothing worse than seeing video stock footage or an advertisement on television which uses stock footage from a subsidiary and adds a voice-over in a local accent. Stock footage is short video clips online that you can buy individually through an online marketplace. Stock footage libraries generally...

Stock footage is plain, boring and can be quite expense
Video Production

Breaking Down Video Production Costs

Long before smartphones, old school flip cameras and Youtube became popular and mainstream, wanting a video for your business meant an investment above $20,000. Due to the advent of technology, the cost of camera equipment and editing software has significantly reduced. The popularity of video hosting sites has increased, which makes the production costs for producing your own video more affordable. The first question most people ask when they consider publishing videos is “how much is the...

Video production can vary in costs one of the factors is how many days of shooting there is.
Video Production

How to Write a Creative Brief for Your Next Corporate Video

In the contemporary world, video content for your brand is non-negotiable when it comes to creating a successful digital marketing campaign. Just about everything in marketing has changed or at least modified in the last ten years, but the creative brief stays the same. A good creative brief is the cornerstone of every single successful project.   While writing a creative brief, there are certain things that one should keep in mind. For this, we have pulled out our top tips from...

Some ideas on how to write a creative brief for your next video
Video Production

Why is Video Such a Powerful Communication Tool?

Over the past few years, videography as a communication tool has gained popularity all across the globe. You see it everywhere - social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram, television, text messages, and online advertisements. The leaders of the Russian Revolution were always fascinated with the power of film as propaganda and educational tool for a mostly illiterate population. The simple reason for this was the medium’s ability to inspire emotion among groups of people. Now, one...

Video is a powerful communication tool
Video Production

10 Video Interview and Presenting Tips

Asking a customer, team member or any stakeholder to be a part of a corporate video interview is a precarious idea. Most people will be incredibly nervous about being in front of a camera. Engaging the services of a professional video production team will undoubtedly go a long way to putting people at ease. However, there is much that you and your team can do to prepare interviewees for corporate video interviews. Here are some tips for video interview participants. Prepare Yourself for the...

Tips and Best Practices for Video Interviews
Video Production

8 Industries That Will Benefit From Corporate Video Productions

Without a doubt, using video to communicate any message is key to consumer awareness and engagement. The same applies to big industry in trying to deliver solutions on a far larger scale while still capturing investment from crucial sectors. The use of professional corporate video production is essential to raise brand awareness, connect with your community and drive home the need for your services and solutions. Corporate Video Productions for Professional Services If your organisation is...

There are many industries which can benefit from Corporate video production
Video Production

Sydney’s Top 10 Locations to Film Your Next Corporate Video Production

If you are from Australia and have been to Sydney, you may know it’s a place that holds many secrets. There is so much to do and see. If you are an established Sydney business telling your corporate story in the surrounding suburbs and beautiful locations are something worth doing. Customers gain a local perspective, while interstate and overseas customers experience greater understanding of Sydney, Australia and more importantly your own business or service. In this article, we will...

Sydney City for Corporate Video Production
Video Production

5 Video Marketing Strategies for Christmas

Christmas videos open up a whole new world of possibilities. Video allows you to engage with existing and potential customers at a more personal level. Christmas can be a busy and emotional time for many people. Understanding this is key to delivering tailored and personal products and services. Video marketing is a fantastic way to interact with your customer base to provide them with valuable Christmas ideas and solutions. Alternatively, you may use your Christmas marketing strategy to...

Marketing Strategies for Christmas



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