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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring a Videographer in Sydney

So, you’re looking for a creative, cost-effective videographer in Sydney? Well, it’s helpful to point out that not every video production house is created equally. Sydney is full of niche video producers, ranging in quality and size, and like many places around the world, it’s important to find the right fit when shooting your next project. For the benefit of our international friends who are making waves locally, and for local businesses who are looking at video, we have narrowed down the...

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How Insurance Photography and Video Helps Mitigate Financial Risk

Thousands, if not millions of insurance claims are made each year in Australia and while in some areas the overall number of claims are reducing, the number of claims relating to property damage seem to be increasing. Growing concerns of financial risk due to natural catastrophes, COVID-19, and fraud, has placed the industry on high alert. Technology is currently alleviating the pressure and mitigating financial risk when it comes to property claims, reassuring insurers, claim managers and...

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TikTok: Is it a good platform for your business?

Is your target audience on the younger side? That is, teenagers and young adults. Then TikTok has numerous benefits for your business. You just need to know precisely what these benefits are and how your business can gain from them. Benefits of TikTok for businesses Here are core reasons why your business cannot afford to ignore this platform: Not saturated yet Competition for user attention on other social media platforms is very high. Take a look at social media platforms like Instagram,...

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Interesting Youtube Facts And Figures

Just imagine a day without watching videos on Youtube. You Can't even think of it, right? Such is the impact of Youtube on our daily lives. As internet marketers and brands, Youtube offers a lot. Just after Google, it serves as the second largest search engine, which shows this platform's dynamics. More than 1.9 billion users are currently dealing with Youtube, which is more than Facebook and Netflix combined. The interesting numbers and figures from Youtube are mesmerizing, and it always...

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A Basic Guide to Creating Videos on a Start-up Budget

Videos are dominating online traffic, and have become a big part of many companies' marketing strategies. A professional-quality video will generate leads and convert then down the sales funnel. Creating promo videos may sound costly, overwhelming, and time-consuming, but it isn't. Here are some thrifty tips for creating videos on a start-up budget: Create a Compelling Script The objective of every marketing video should be to deliver engagement and shareability. However, this can only be...

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Brand Building 101: Why You Need Videos to Showcase Your Brand

When scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed, the first thing you'll notice is that videos form the bulk of the content on those pages. While at it, you probably found yourself sucked into the videos. In today's age of social media, video content is everything. A recent survey established that the modern consumer would rather watch videos than read long blocks of text. If you run a business, it's best to make videos a part of your marketing strategy. Here's why you need...

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4 Reasons Why Videos Generate Quick SEO Results

Video content is a powerful marketing tool whose momentum seems to be ever on the rise. Businesses are banking on video marketing to boost their conversion rates and maximise return on investment (ROI). And consumers seem to love it all the more. Actually, more studies show that customers have a huge preference for video content, especially from their favourite brands. Moreover, they are more likely to convert from watching a video as opposed to consuming any other type of content. ...

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How To Produce a Video That Generates Sales: Step by Step

In the digital age we are living in, video marketing has grown to become the most compelling way to engage consumers. Its ability to increase conversions and average order value (AOV), coupled with the high return on investment, makes it an indispensable marketing component. In fact, companies that use video in their marketing strategy report a 144% increase in purchase rate, which is quite an incentive to try this approach.  But for you to enjoy the benefits of video marketing, it is...

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Using Virtual Reality (Part 2): Creating Unique Experiences for Customers

In Part 1 of our series on virtual reality, we covered how you can create unique real estate home tours, plus endless marketing opportunities. Now it's time to see how you put virtual reality into practice. At Visionair Photography, we're changing the game in how we present photography and video for Australian companies. The most important part of using virtual reality is creating realistic and appealing experiences. What exactly is a VR experience, though? Also, how do we go about creating...

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Stock Video Footage- Is it Worth Using

You have a great brand story to tell. Your shots of the characters are perfect, and the setting of your scenes blends with your costumes to sell your brand identity. What remains now are precise additional clips that will enhance your story by breaking the monotony of narration, creating vivid imagery, or tie scenes together so that your story flows smoothly. Your choice of the source of these small clips will determine the success or failure of your overall content as you will find out in...