Tips For Getting Pre-Schoolers Ready For Photo Day

Our children are our lives, the future of our nations and the living memory of ourselves. That is why we love to capture them in photographs for just about every occasion, after all they do only grow up once and we need to capture every moment we possibly can. One of the most trying times to get a good photograph of a child is when he or she is in pre-school, that age of not wanting to sit still. So how do we prepare our child for photo day at pre-school? Fun, Fun and more fun Kids love to play, they love to run around and enjoy themselves and can go all day as long as they are having fun. We love our children and they are always entertaining, but what happens when we try to get them to stay still for five minutes? That’s right; it’s like trying to ride a unicycle, difficult at best. It is crucial that we try and make ever task we need our children to do a fun and appealing task for the child, if we make it fun, then we have a better chance of success. Getting your child ready for photo day […]

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