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Surveillance Applications Of Octo-copter Unmanned Drones
June 03, 2012
Octo-copter unmanned photography drones are pushing the boundaries in the photography world, opening new doors with multiple applications. Of these applications, surveillance rises high on the list of breakthroughs. Never before seen use of Photography UAVs by those in the military, law enforcement and private investigation world is pushing the boundaries. This breakthrough has led to a greater success rate in these fields and is essentially saving lives.....

Law enforcement

Police work is at the best of times extremely difficult, with criminals thinking of quicker and better ways to out-smart their law enforcement counterparts. These days however, law enforcement are turning to a new breed of officer, the octo-copter unmanned aerial vehicle. Armed with a DSLR camera on board and relatively easy to operate, the octocopter allows police officers to get a birds eye view of the terain and the possible position of criminals before even entering the area. This is allowing police to tactically plan their assault on buildings under seige, to find hidden suspects and to more safely apprehend them. Essentially the octocopter is saving lives by limiting the exposure of police officers to unknown variants in their daily duties. With the ability to photograph and film, the octocopter is also providing evidence that may have previously been inaccessible, landing more criminals in jail and off of our streets.

Seen but not heard

The modern military are at the forefront of technology and in a time of prolific terrorism and an increasingly unstable world, the military need every edge they can get. The octocopter allows the military to tactically recon areas ahead of their position to limit exposure to deadly gunfire, saving our soldiers lives. It allows the forces on the ground to investigate dead ground for potential foes, to plan routes ahead and check for signs of the enemy. All of this and without much of a sound and a tiny visual target. Octocopters, unlike soldiers also leave no footprint, no sign of their being there and therefore cannot be tracked back to a location. With an eye in th sky, our soldiers are limiting the oppositions ability to ambush them and minimising casualties.

Caught in the act

Private investigation can sometimes be a tricky business that often requires a lot of subtlety and deceit. Often those in the world of private investigation are tasked with surveillance but are instructed to not be noticed by their target. This can be extremely difficult for PI’s and at times near impossible depending on the terrain and the sitaution. The octocopter is providing private investigators with a means to get the much needed photographs that their clients require without getting within sight of their target. With a bird’s eye view high above the area and the ability to zoom in on any person without actually revealing yourself, PI’s are making headway in their often difficult tasks. From photographing compensation fraud cases to photographing cheating spouses, the octocopter is just another tool in the quiver for those in the private investigation game.

Taking surveillance to new heights

Technology is an amazing thing isn’t it? Nowadays we have the ability to get much needed footage and surveillance from high above the area, without actually chartering a helicopter! Military, law enforcement and private investigators now have a cost effective method to enhance their already broad skill base and minimise casualties. Aerial photography has always been highly saught after, but often out of reach of many budgets. With Octocopter unmanned aerial vehicles fitted with DSLR mounting, life just got a whole lot easier
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